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The Value of Integrity

Blaine Ford ran a greenhouse business that had faced its share of challenges. Windstorms had torn the plastic off their greenhouses, leaving them scrambling to find a replacement. By a stroke of luck, they found a company that had an order ready for another customer who had canceled. It was the perfect fit, and they managed to cover their greenhouses just in time.

Then, disaster struck again. Another storm destroyed 50% of their tomato plants. Feeling desperate and near destitute, Blaine and his team braced for the worst. Miraculously, the rest of the country’s tomato crops had also taken serious hits. Suddenly, their remaining 50% became incredibly valuable. They could sell their tomatoes at a premium price, which allowed them to meet all their financial obligations.

10 acre greenhouse

During this period, a businessman from Canada contacted them, eager to buy their tomatoes. Blaine shipped the tomatoes, confident in their quality. But soon after, the businessman called, claiming the tomatoes were no good and that they would have to be thrown out. Blaine knew this couldn’t be true. Determined to find out what was really going on, he caught a plane and arrived in Canada the next morning.

When he arrived, the businessman instructed his assistant to show Blaine the tomatoes. As they walked through the warehouse, Blaine saw row after row of perfect, flawless tomatoes. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them. They returned to the office, and the assistant confirmed to his boss that the tomatoes were fine. The businessman, caught in his lie, admitted defeat.

Blaine Ford and child in the Greenhouse

In that moment, Blaine learned a powerful lesson about integrity. He realized he never wanted to find himself in a situation like the dishonest businessman, compromising his values. The businessman told Blaine he would never buy from him again. Blaine was relieved, thinking he’d rather lose a customer than his integrity. However, just a week later, the businessman called back, wanting to buy more tomatoes.

This experience illustrated to Blaine the immense power and value of integrity. Maintaining integrity in all dealings is not just about doing the right thing; it’s about building trust and respect. Blaine’s story serves as a reminder that integrity is invaluable and that the truth always prevails.

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