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Rod & Marcia

Snapshot from RodMarcia

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our time with Rod and Marcia was nothing short of remarkable. We had the privilege of immersing ourselves in their life journey, a heartwarming tale that spans from their early years to the day they crossed paths, and the rich life they’ve carved out since. We dove deep into their stories during a four-hour session, taking a brief moment to breathe in the middle.

The session was a treasure trove of moments, filled with their amazing narrative. What moved us was their eloquent intertwining of faith and values into their vivid anecdotes, leaving an indelible mark that their descendants are sure to cherish. From the get-go, it was clear to us that Rod and Marcia viewed this as more than just an interview – it was a chance to pass on their legacy.

Their story was a testament to their lives, filled with warmth, wisdom, and timeless lessons. It was a true honor to be their listeners and their narrators, and we look forward to sharing their exceptional journey with you.

The Follow-Up

From the initial visit, our editors created a rough draft of the film, during which they created a shot list of desired photos and videos to add to the film. We made a second visit to Rod and Marcia’s home, where we worked together to gather all of the necessary additional files for their film.  These included moments from their courtship, significant life events, and some footage of them together as a couple. 

Vintage picture of a young couple, Rod and Marcia
Elderly couple walking up a hill together outside their home

Post Production

Gif of editing a family documentary

Media Curation

Once we had captured the heart of our subject’s story through the lens, the post-production phase of the project began. This is where the raw footage is transformed into a polished, moving narrative that will resonate with viewers.

Firstly, our team reviewed all the interview footage and other visual assets, including photographs and archival materials provided by the family. We meticulously logged and categorized every piece of media, ensuring that no memory or important moment was overlooked.


The editing process started with a rough cut, threading together the most poignant moments and narratives. We prioritized maintaining the authentic voice of our subject, carefully preserving their unique inflections and storytelling style. Because the entire session could not be included in the final film, great care was taken to include only the most important details in the final cut of the film. 

This rough cut and the subsequent shot list are what were used for the follow-up visit to gather secondary footage. This secondary footage was then used to help tie the story together and create beautiful seamless cuts, and to enhance the storytelling. 

"Over The Years" - Adrian Walther

"Dear Frederic" - Elise Soleberg


The music is always one of our favorite parts of putting together a film. Music serves as the unseen narrator in a film, amplifying emotions and guiding viewers through the narrative’s twists and turns. It has the power to transcend the visual and spoken elements, touching the heartstrings of the audience and evoking a profound, visceral response that resonates long after the credits roll. For Rod and Marcia, we strived to find music that would adequately match the beautiful and meaningful emotions evoked throughout the storytelling. Throughout the film we explore feelings of heartbreak and loss, calm and serenity, and triumph and romance! Musicians like Adrian Walther and Elise Soleberg help bring the film to life.

Final Checks

After we completed our edit of the film, a version was sent to Rod and Marcia for final review. This gave them one last chance to provide any necessary input into the film before final delivery. Rod spotted a moment in which some secondary footage showed the wrong sibling during a moment, which allowed us to make the correction. While we strive to stay as organized as possible, these little mistakes can happen, and we want to make sure we catch them! They also found a few additional photos that could be added to various moments of the film.  They simply took note of the timecode for each photo they wished to add.

Rod and Marcia looking at photos

First Chapter Preview

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